In This Day And Age……….

I recently accepted a proofreading assignment in which the customer demanded to have her letters typed on an electric typewriter.  Yes, a typewriter!!!!   You know the machine that was the original keyboard during its heyday.  Come to think of it, I might still have my old typewriter collecting dust in the attic. Anyway, when I heard this proposal, I was stunned!!!  How in the Dickens was I going to find this antique, collectors item, dinosaur even???  I remember taking one of those typing classes during the summer of ’84.  I can’t remember my finishing grade, but even back then I had a heck of a hard time trying to type my name on the page without misspelling a word.  Thank god for the computer!!!  I should invest in stocks….with Microsoft.  Seriously!!!

To make a long story short, I eventually found one.  At the library of all places;it was tucked away in a small room which was also occupied by another figure of the stone age.  The archived New York Times….on microfilm!!!!  My mission was complete.   The customer was satisfied with my efforts and rewarded me handsomely. I was a hero in her eyes!!!

I think I’ll climb that ladder to the attic and find that piece of treasure which was my muse for term papers,essays, and such when I was in high school.  Or, I could just keep practicing my typing skills on my trustworthy notebook.  Hey at least I can easily delete!!!

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